qunb - your one stop figure shop

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Searching for figures on the web is broken.

How much time did you spend to figure out the size of a market opportunity?

Ever needed facts to better understand climate change?

Ever wanted to compare a company’s sales evolution with a country’s economic growth?

Why purchase a whole report when all you need is the page?

Video, music, images and news are so easily searchable on the web.

Quantitative data needs to be easy too.

Powerful, relevant data. 

Just simpler.

qunb is a one-stop shop for numerical data.

Our team’s endeavor is to provide the most compelling data catalog.

Quick data comparisons allow you to speed to useful insights

Whether you’re looking for a list of figures or a beautiful visualization, we have the stuff you need.

It’s not just about big data. 

It’s also about the incredible details.