What is Collaboration - what is Collaboration King? 


Started in 2005 by Brandon Klein, Collaboration King is of a community of Editors, Knowledge Workers, Meeting Managers, Artists, Trainers, Designers, Facilitators and Organization Transformers! We share the best processes, experiences, training, tools and methodologies, along with the latest in social collaboration technology, all geared at inspiring a better way to work.

As collaboration continues to infiltrate companies of all shapes and sizes, understanding the latest in collaborative techniques and arcs will become mandatory for success.  We rely on our extended network of innovative minds to continue to make Collaboration King the one-stop-shop for all things collaborative.  On every page of the site, each author is acknowledged by a link, tag or category, so please make sure you register to gain attribution for your contributions!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Collaboration is a big field. Are you an expert in a specific collaboration niche? This site will begin to be divided into ever smaller niche's to allow users to focus in on their ability to inspire a better way to work. 

Curating experts.
Our experts page lists the best collaborators in the country. CK represents the work of many of them with their insights here. 

Curating online since 2005.
~4,000 articles, links and insights later. We are proud to hold one of the best and biggest collaboration resources online (let us know if you find a better resource!)