Detailed Analysis of Team Movement and Communication Affecting Team Performance in the America’s Army Game

Posted on by Brandon Klein

We conducted the second data analysis with a new game log record dataset and focused on what
the optimal team structure is in terms of communication and movement. We utilized regression
analysesandcorrespondenceanalysestomaketheoptimalnetwork,  andweidentifiedseveral
importantfeaturesofoptimalnetworksfromthoseanalyses.  Furthermorewecoded‘Network
Fitter’ and used it to make a computer program figure out the most effective team organization.
Fromthefittingresult,  wecouldobtainfiveoptimalmovementnetworksandfiveoptimal
communication networks. Among them, we found out that a dense movement network with two
sub graphs and a long-chain shaped communication network would make casualty lower without
damagingthedeadlinessofateam.  Afteridentifyingtheoptimalmovementnetworksand
communication networks, we applied the findings from the analyses to the real world and made
three recommendations on training squad level unit, constructing effective TTP, and configuring
an optimal squad unit.