Systems Practice Workbook

Posted on by Brandon Klein

This workbook is ideal for people working on
complex problems across any fi eld of social
change who want to make sustainable social
impact, whether working at a community or
global scale.
It will walk you through a rigorous version of a
systems practice, which will prepare you to be a
discerning user of other systems tools that can
complement this approach.
This practice has been pioneered and developed
in collaboration with teams across The Omidyar
Group. This workbook aims to fi ll the gap between
the promise of a systems approach for making
social change and putting it into practice. This
gap closing was greatly aided by the social and
organizational learning knowledge brought by
Karen Grattan of Engaging Inquiry, and by the
human-centered design contributions of Daylight
The Omidyar Group represents the philanthropic,
personal and professional interests of Pierre and
Pam Omidyar.