Platform Design Canvas

Posted on by Brandon Klein


Why do platforms win?

Platforms are tools for Learning

Platforms support individuals and companies hone capabilities and improve performance providing an effective answer to the pressure coming from digital disruption

Platforms help brands reach unthinkable results

By empowering others in the ecosystems and by creating channels for transactions and relationships, brands can multiply their potential and impact on markets way beyond their reach
A new generation of Design Tools

New tools of design are needed to help thinkers and organizations leverage on the power of ecosystems by designing for mass participation of players in the business process. That’s what the Platform Design Toolkit helps you doing: to design platforms that generate much more value than they capture:

How can Platform Design Toolkit help me design the future of my business processes?

Creating Channels

PDT can help you understand if your platform has the right channels in place to support those who want to share value and transact: the more this happens inside your platform the more it will be a successful one

Empowering Contributions

PDT can help you designing services that support Partners and Peers to perform better as professional and build more value on your platform, dramatically improving resilience

The essential components of the Toolkit

The Ecosystem Map

The Motivations Matrix

The Platform Design Canvas