What makes us tick at work?

Posted on by Brandon Klein

By Jennifer Allford
May 2016

Justin Weinhardt, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business, is an expert in human resources and organizational psychology. Using complex models to look at human behaviour and how we work, Weinhardt delves into motivation, decision-making, entrepreneurship, overconfidence, ethical judgments, emotions, training and psychometrics, and creates knowledge that helps us all to operate better in the workplace. His extensive research furthers our understanding of motivation and decision-making and how these processes can change over time.

“I’ve seen many engineers, lawyers, chiropractors who are amazing at what they do but they don’t know how to lead, motivate teams or make basic business decisions,” says Calgary marketing consultant Kari Viccars, who reads Weinhardt’s columns as part of her personal study of business. “The best leaders I know tend to be well versed in business theory and are continuously learning.”