Future of Work Is Consulting Organization

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Teams Need the Future of Work Now

Let’s start with the facts:

    Nearly 70% of workers are disengaged. Not a few, not some: the majority.
    One in every two employees that quit their job do so because they’re tired of dealing with a bad manager. Across every industry, we’re promoting people to positions of authority without adequately training them.
    Workplace interruptions cost an estimated $900 billion a year in the US alone. Interruptions and ineffective communication is one of the biggest drains on productivity.
    The average employee wastes 31 hours per month in unproductive and pointless meetings. Every month, your people are sacrificing nearly a quarter of their time.
    48% of Millennial women said they are being overlooked for potential leadership positions.
    Just 1 in 14 tech employees in Silicon Valley is black or Latino, and just 1 in 18 is in leadership.
    The number one cause of startup failure is due to premature scaling, affecting roughly 70% of failed companies.

Work, as we know it, just isn’t working.

Everyone realizes this intuitively—working longer hours in an attempt to keep up, restructuring the organization in search of the “best” configuration—but no one’s sure what really works, versus what just creates more work.

We’re here to change that.

At, our mission is to make the future of work universally accessible and immediately practical.

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