Peakon employee engagement

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Performance through understanding.
Introducing the real-time people analytics platform.
Unparalleled insight into your organisation.

The world’s most powerful employee engagement dashboard. Peakon provides you with real-time, interactive, and actionable insights into the key areas of your organisation.

Slice, dice, and drill into every dimension of your organisation with our industry leading dashboard.
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Text Mining

We analyse all your feedback and highlight key topics for you. No more days wasted trawling through comments manually.
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Issue Prioritisation

We constantly analyse your data to calculate the three highest impact management actions you can take.
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Infinite Flexibility

Everyone’s organisation is structured differently. That’s why we’ve built the most flexible solution in the industry.
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Never lose a key employee again.

Losing just one key employee can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Losing several can irreparably damage your business. Peakon measurably improves retention by tracking what matters to key performers, and proactively identifying problems using predictive analysis.
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Proven methodology. Cutting edge technology.
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Compare internally and benchmark against the industry.
Decades of Research

The science behind Peakon is based on decades of organisational behaviour and management psychology research on how to motivate employees and build a high-performance culture.
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Reliable Insights

Robust statistics is at the heart of all our analysis. We use the latest advances in big data, machine learning, and statistical methods to do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the things that matter.
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Benchmarking and Comparison

Metrics are not that useful if you don’t have anything to compare them to. Whether you want to compare one manager against another, or your company against hundreds of others in the industry, we have it covered.

Peakon allows you to instantly see where there are statistically significant deviations within your organisation and then rapidly drill into those areas to understand the root cause.