The future of work is to freelance within an organisation – choose your task, assemble to work, then dissolve

Posted on by Brandon Klein

    In those days, the role of the individual was to follow instructions. That’s why you often had big binders full of instructions at large companies…

    …it’s about providing individuals with the power to connect, so that they can address things rapidly and do local problem solving.

    This new landscape challenges the basic core assumptions of management. Corporations that grew up in 20th century were organizations where the blueprint was to define in advance how the individual was to fit in. It was the job of the individual to fit into the organization, whereas today it’s about how organizations and companies need to adapt to the individual, and how they can develop their talents more rapidly. This is deeply subversive to traditional assumptions about management.

    …one of the keys to motivating individuals is to help them connect to their passion for their profession. Monitoring passion level gives you the ability to provide rapid performance improvement. Passionate people are deeply motivated to improve themselves and drive themselves to the next level of performance.