Posted on by Brandon Klein

Intrapreneurs--people who build new ventures inside of a company--create billion dollar businesses for their companies, but they’re not rewarded like salespeople who also create billion dollar revenues for their companies. Why is that the case? Financial reward is not everything, but it’s an important one to retaining and rewarding talent that is responsible for your company’s future. In this post I share a few thoughts on what’s happening today, and why it should be changed.

Entrepreneurs will risk almost everything to build a company, and they’re rewarded for the success they create as founders and main shareholders. Intrapreneurs on the other hand might build billion dollar businesses for a company and enjoy continued job security. But the bonuses intrapreneurs get as rewards are usually nowhere near the value they create for their employers. Entrepreneurs enjoy a valued stake in the businesses they create. Why can’t something like that exist internally for intrapreneurs?