Socilab - LinkedIn Network Visualization

Posted on by Brandon Klein

This site allows users to visualize and analyze their LinkedIn network using methods derived from social-scientific research. Full sample output is shown here. The site is free and open-source. Have fun!


    Sign in via LinkedIn (by clicking the above button). If you do not see the button, you probably have your ad-blocker set to block social media plugins.
    Like the now retired inMaps feature, our site allows you to view a diagram of your LinkedIn network. Please wait while the visualization and network metrics are produced. When finished, scroll down to view your network map and analysis.
    At the bottom of the page, there will be a number of network measures drawn from sociological research on professional networks, as well as percentile bars comparing your aggregate network measures to past users.
    Below each measure will be a brief interpretation.
    Privacy: The program uses client-side javascript to perform the calculations, so your network is processed locally on your own machine. We do not store any demographic information your contacts, or your network structure besides the aggregate statistics used in the percentile bars.
    This software is released under the GNU General Public License v2.
    We provide a messaging feature that allows you to type and send a LinkedIn message to the selected contact within the application. This functionality requires that we request messaging permissions. We will never send messages on behalf of users without their express authorization.
    Due to LinkedIn API restrictions, we are limited in the number of times we can display this information in a day. We are able to display up to 500 contacts per day. For those with more than 500 contacts, the application will draw the first 500 in alphabetical order. To avoid hitting this cap, please do not refresh the page, and try to limit visits to once per day. This limit resets each day at 12am UTC time, so you can always try again tomorrow. This occurs due to the fact that we do not store any of your network information on our servers out of concern for user privacy, and in order to comply with LinkedIn's API policy. Thanks for your understanding!
    If you find this page useful, please share with your friends.

Compatibility: This program works best with desktop browsers running Javascript (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).