Recurrency - Support and connect with the creators you love every week.

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Recurrency launched on March 2, 2015, so we don't have frequently asked questions. Instead, we've written a few and then answered them ourselves. Hope this helps!

Q: What is Recurrency?
A: Recurrency is the recurring crowd funding site where you can support and connect with the creators and causes you love.

Q: That sounds a bit like Kickstarter. What makes Recurrency unique?
A: Kickstarter is great for raising a whole lot of money just once. On Recurrency, supporters give money every week. And unlike legacy crowd funding sites — even the recurring ones — creators don't have to set up a campaign or a profile page to ask for money.

Q: How does Recurrency work?
A: Anyone with a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account can give a weekly gift to anyone else on any of those networks. Gifts can be as little as $1 or as much as $50 dollars a week. If the creator is already using Recurrency, they'll know about your gift immediately. But if the creator isn't using Recurrency yet, we will track them down and make sure they know that you are supporting them.

Q: If I only give a dollar every week, won't that get eaten up by credit card fees?
A: Recurrency charges you up front for a month's worth of gifts, just like preloading a Starbucks card. That way less money goes to the credit card companies and more money then goes to the creators and causes you support.

Q: What's in it for me?
A: Depending on the creator, you'll get exclusive content and be involved in their creative process. You might not be a musician or filmmaker yourself, but now you can help make an album or a movie and be part of their team. And helping someone make a living doing what they love is pretty inspiring.

Q: What if I can't think of anyone to support?
A: Everyone has someone who entertains them, teaches them or inspires them. Think of the last book you read that you told all of your friends about. Or the last song. Or video. Or podcast. Or restaurant. Those people may not be asking for support, but now you can support them anyway — and you can tell them why. Creators love getting support, advice and encouragement from their top fans.

Q: I just thought of someone great. How do I get started?
A: Just type their name into the search box at the top of every page. We will find them for you and create a profile page for them where you can give them a weekly gift and tell everyone why you're supporting them.