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turn this

(415) 481-3982

wireless caller

into this
(415) 481-3982
Ian Roncoroni
Verizon Wireless
175 Varick St, New York, NY 10014
Income - $50k-75k
Twitter - @nextcaller (4,038)
Fraud Threat - LOW
Home Owner
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"We’ve evaluated the leading data sources on the market, and Next Caller has the best match rate hands down."
"As the number of tickets increased year-after-year, we needed to expedite the time it took to find who the caller was. Once we implemented Next Caller we saw an immediate reduction on tickets with missing information."
Yaniv Masjedi
VP of Marketing
Fernando Duarte
Sr. Manager, Global Support Operations
"Next Caller is great for [our] Voice customers."
"Next Caller makes it easy for our team to capture great customer data — and that goes a long way towards ensuring that every customer we talk to gets the best possible support."
Mikkel Svane
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Holthoff
Sr. Manager, Customer & Community Support
"Some of our high call volume products rely on caller identification information, which is caller ID and demographic data. We currently use 3 different service providers that feed us our current information. However, the information isn’t very complete or accurate. Our future needs will require more complete and accurate caller identification and demographic data. While looking for different providers that can accommodate our high call volume we were introduced to Next Caller. We provided Next Caller a sample set of phone numbers from our system. Next Caller’s data was far more complete and accurate. It’s been a pleasure working with the Next Caller team as they’ve been very accommodating and flexible."
Ed Rickerson
Chief Information Officer