28 things I’d do differently next time around

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Things I’d do again

    Bootstrap to a MSP then raise a round as soon as you achieve product market fit
    Recognize people for their achievements in front of the whole company on a regular basis
    Solve a problem you’ve personally experienced and that you could work on for the next 7–10 years
    Create a culture that’s different, unique and feels like the founder(s) of the company
    Constantly ask yourself “who is the BEST person in the world to help me solve X?” and reach out to ask for help — know you can’t fix everything on your own
    Negotiate hard on valuation to keep as much equity as possible, all the time — give way on terms before equity
    Early on, raise money from investors who have “been there, done that” — don’t take money from “spreadsheet VCs” because they only understand numbers
    Hire the best people, regardless of where they are and incentivize them heavily with equity