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Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Build Your Team

Ben is a software developer. He does his best work with teammates Meghan and Singh. He also dreams of working with his college friend, Ryan. Ben signs up for Elevator and invites each member of his dream team.
Elevator: Company Requests
Meet Great Companies

Elevator’s algorithm evaluates the team based on experience and strength of connections. We find interesting new job opportunities and only talk to a recruiter when you’re ready.
Elevator: Career Elevatred
Grow Your Career

Elevator is not just for one job. It is a platform for building your career. Relationships define successful teams and Elevator helps you move up together.
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Create Value

One person can contribute to a project but a team is relied on to solve problems. This is hugely beneficial to companies. Teams that work well together are highly valued.
Move up Faster

Working together opens up new opportunities and interesting projects. Working well together opens new doors and provides the recognition you deserve.
Increase Productivity

Great working relationships can multiply speed and effectiveness many times over. A team’s best work happens when everyone complements one another.
Enjoy Your Work

Over a 50-year career, you'll spend at least 35% of your waking hours working. Imagine building a career where you keep working with your favorite people even after you’ve changed jobs.
Reduce Stress

Escape the bombardment of cold calls and emails from recruiters. Elevator acts as your trusted partner and introduces you to employers only when you are ready
Don't Get Spammed—ever

We only email the people you select for invitation. That means you can choose to log in with Google to make the signup process easier knowing that no invitations or emails are sent without your permission.
The team with the best players wins.