Never Eat Alone

Posted on by Brandon Klein


To connect employees within big companies over lunch in order to foster fruitful relationships and knowledge sharing, while contributing to the overall happiness and productivity of employees, which we believe to be closely tied with personal growth. NEA is a user-friendly app that matches employees according to their profiles and encourages them to bond over lunch.

Our vision is to encourage knowledge-sharing, networking among employees, and connections between departments of the same company.

As a result, employees increase their opportunities to share and learn, break up the routine and get a clearer sense of how the company works. In return, the company enjoys happier, better connected and more productive employees.
For the company

    Increase knowledge exchange and collective intelligence to support innovation

    Retain the talents among others, the generation of digital natives

    Increase employee happiness

For the employees

    Self-fulfilment and engagement at work

    Create new links between colleagues and break the silos

    Increase internal professional networking