Location Genius

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Crowd-sourced, scoring + analytics for any location.
Retail Analytics

Discover powerful insights about your retail location(s) and attract nearby visitors.
Analytics for Ad Networks

Uncover real-time audience profiles and actual impressions for any Out-of-Home media location in North America.
Real Estate Scoring

Access on-demand data for any commercial and residential real estate listing including foot and vehicle traffic data, neighborhood profiles and comparative scoring of multiple locations.
Smart City Data

Activate data for an entire city or country. Real-time and historical data for road usage analytics, migration planning, urban informatics, security and local law enforcement and crowd management applications.

Why we get up in the morning:

There is a gaping hole when it comes to data about the ‘real world’ making it difficult for businesses to fuse online strategy with offline strategy. Well, we believe in the prospect of uncovering brilliant analytics and insights about all of the walking, jogging, eating, driving, working, partying, shopping and all of the other stuff people do in the “real” world.