Today’s HR Technology Landscape (and the Trends Shaping the Market)

Posted on by Brandon Klein

We’ve learned that a lot has changed over the last two decades in HR. Candidates now prioritize learning experiences over becoming permanent fixtures at one organization. HR Technology itself started in early 2000 as a form of process automation, which then saw a rise with integration and new talent applications. HR Software represents a $15B industry and today it primarily focuses on analytics and systems of engagement. Using Crunchbase, we took a look at over 200 investments made in the last 3 years and included those that exhibit the three qualities we look for in potential portfolio companies: a stellar team, a superior product, and promising market traction. Our HR Tech landscape highlights the most promising startups in the space and is shaped by the timeline of an employee’s lifecycle — starting with talent recruitment and ending with the aftermath of retention analytics. We’ve broken out each segment and described a forward looking trend for each, as well as highlighting a few notable companies in each respective area. If you have any feedback, please share it on Twitter.