Skills Database

Posted on by Brandon Klein

The Project

Humanity has been learning, individually and collectively, since the dawn of time. Over millenia, we have mastered an incredible number of skills. Yet, we still lack a comprehensive and organized database of all human skills.

In this age of ambitious big data endeavours and advanced social tools, we firmly believe that it’s possible to map out all human skills. But the only smart way of doing so, is by leveraging collective knowledge and making as many people a part of the project as possible.
Our Mission

We aim to build the largest, most multilingual, most accurate skills database ever made by allowing a diverse and skillful community to contribute their individual skills to the global map.

The crowdsourced data is free for non-commercial use. Because the database is the result of many people's voluntary effort, we do not allow the data to be used commercially. However, we may consider licensing it for free to people or organizations who need it for socially valuable projects.