Posted on by Brandon Klein

A new standard for images

The image business is upside down. A $6 billion professional industry controlled by agencies and middlemen, who fix the prices and take, on average, 74% of the fees. Yes, you've read that right: from legacy giants to microstock sites, the vast majority of royalties go to anyone but the photographer.

There has never been an alternative. There has never been a place where photographers can retain control over the prices of their images, and get what they ask for. There has never been a pure, open marketplace for images, where sellers – both amateur and professional - sell directly to buyers. That's why Picfair was launched.

We believe in rewarding creativity, rather than exploiting it. And it's working.

Since launch , thousands of photographers from 109 (and counting) countries across the world have already added hundreds of thousands of images to Picfair's library. They are stunning. Picfair images have already been used across the world, by hundreds of global brands and international publications. And we're only just getting started ...