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The API for importing address books

Get access to standardized address book data from 242 email providers by using our API.

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    Address Books

    Your single source for user contacts. With 242 supported providers, we do the hard work so you can build your products.

    We provide robust data analysis on email metadata to surface insights about relationships, such as recency and frequency of contact.
    Social Data

    Understand more about your users and their friends with a richer social graph.

ShuttleCloud Platform

Import address books from 242 email providers

Platform for Growth
We focus on importing contacts so you don't have to

Technology leaders trust our platform for global growth. Working with some of the world’s largest companies, we use leading best practices and rigid security standards at massive scale. No platform is too big.

    I’ve seen the impact this can have for our clients. Integrating our API simultaneously provides access to address books from 242 email providers around the world while also saving precious engineering resources. We focus on import so our clients don’t have to.

    Bob Greenlees — ShuttleCloud, Dir. of Operations

Find Friends
Help users from around the world connect with their friends on your platform

ShuttleCloud supports all of the major email systems as well as hundreds more from around the world. Authentication by OAuth is included for many providers as well as authentication by username/password. Whether your goal is to grow your user base domestically or abroad, ShuttleCloud’s API can help.

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…And hundreds of others providers!

User Insights
ShuttleCloud surfaces relational affinity data between contacts

ShuttleCloud’s unique system provides meaningful data around a user’s contacts and the connections between them to determine affinity in order to enhance their experiences and drive engagement within your applications.