Hivemind - likeminded professionals

Posted on by Brandon Klein

HiveMind is A New Generation Professional Services Organisation

We are an adaptive, integrated network of trusted business and technology experts, flexibly engaging with clients to deliver change at pace in a digitally inter-connected world through on-demand discovery, design and delivery capabilities.

The business and technology professionals who form our trusted network of members, our Expert Practitioners, collaborate for the success of the network as a whole and in so doing the successes of their own businesses and clients.

HiveMind provides business and technology professionals with the credibility and resources of a large organisation, whilst maintaining the freedom and flexibility of being in charge of their own business and growing their revenues and personal brand.

Our Constitution defines the Values, Principles and Policies within which we operate. These are fundamental to the success of a global network, enabling as it does adaptive, self governing behaviour.

We ask each and every one of our Expert Practitioners to read our constitution and then formally sign up to its values.