Data for Good Share data-driven projects for social good

Posted on by Brandon Klein

How can I use this site?

Data for Good is all about finding and sharing data- and tech-driven projects for social good. It's basically like Product Hunt for social good projects (you could also call us "Project Hunt", but that's too cheap). The idea is to get inspired and to replicate projects in your community.

You can also use Data for Good as a marketplace. Project owners and potential contributors can find each other and discuss about the projects. Our features are still rudimentary, but we are working hard to make that easier for you guys.
Who uses this site?

This site is dedicated to anyone who wants to use data and web/mobile technology to solve social problems. So it's the civic hacking community (developers and data scientists), it's NGOs, it's public administration, it's the open data and open government movement, it's journalists who love these stories. The technology allows us to go beyond borders and that's truly fantastic.