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    An Enterprise-Grade Platform for Modern Identity

A cloud service, APIs and tools that eliminate the friction of identity for your applications and APIs.

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    AD & LDAP
    User Management
    SaaS Apps

Platforms & Connections

Single sign on for applications running on any platform with any identity provider. Open-sourced official SDKs and standards-based APIs.
Development Platforms
Google / Gmail
Microsoft Account
Active Directory
SAML Protocol
The Widget

By adding just a few lines of JavaScript, your app becomes powered by an enterprise-grade, standards-based identity infrastructure.
Fully Customizable

Works straight out of the box. The widget can be customized with CSS & JavaScript, is open sourced and is continuously tested against all major browsers, desktop and mobile. Want your own UI? No problem, check out auth0.js.

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Enterprise Ready

The widget will call the Auth0 API to connect to Active Directory through the AD Connector. For SAML, the user's email domain will be used to redirect to the right identity provider (i.e. home realm discovery).
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Social Integration

Turning on a social identity provider in the dashboard will automatically show the social provider's icon on the widget. All popular identity providers work out of the box. The widget automatically remembers which identity provider was last chosen by a user.

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"Sign Up" & "Forgot Your Password"

The Widget comes ready to use for sign ups with username/password. Standard features include email verification and a "Forgot your password" flow.

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Easy Integration

SDKs for all popular web, mobile, and native platforms. Supported by simple and powerful user-tailored documentation.

    <script src="auth0-widget.js"></script>
    var lock = new Auth0Lock('2M7P0Or', '');


Customize any stage of the authentication and authorization pipeline.
Core Runtime
Rule 1Rule 2Rule n
How Rules Work

Rules are code snippets written in JavaScript that are executed as part of the authentication pipeline every time a user authenticates to an application. Rules enable powerful customizations and extensions to easily be added to Auth0.

    Customize any step in the authentication and authorization pipeline.
    Implement arbitrarily powerful and complex auth logic with nodejs JavaScript running in a secure, isolated sandbox.
    Open sourced on GitHub.

Example #1: Simple Whitelist

Example #2: Add Roles from a Database

Example #3: Count Logins with Persistent Attributes

Example #4: Create a Salesforce Lead

Easily connect your applications and APIs to a your database of users and passwords
We store the users' credentials

By default, we securely store the users' credentials in our database and you don't have to write a line of code.
...or plug in your own database

Have a legacy database of users? Have a compliance requirement that the user database be stored under your physical control? Script the Login, Create, and Verify functions and easily plug your own user credentials database into Auth0. Read more...