Close - reserved seating as a service

Posted on by Brandon Klein

reserved seating
as a service


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laptop showing a seating chart
How does it work?
Draw a seating chart

Our online drawing tool was specifically built to easily draw seating charts. You want rows, automatic seat numbering, curves, static text?
We've got you covered.
Create events

To be able to re-use your seating charts, you can create multiple events for a single seating chart, either via the dashboard or through our API.
Show the seating chart on your page

It's dead simple: just include a single js file in your html page and define the event for which you want to show a seating chart. Of course, you can customize chart appearance, pricing, and much more.
Book & release seats through our API

After your customer has booked some seats, call our book/release api, and we'll make sure that these seats will be unavailable for the next visitor.
Seat status changes even get pushed to all *current* visitors. No more double bookings, yay!