What Is An Employee Innovation Network, And Why Should You Care?

Posted on by Brandon Klein

These networks range in approach, depth and value generated, but they are all designed with the following results and benefits in mind:

    Further engage employees within the organization that want to provide innovative thinking
    Provide an opportunity to leverage the impact of small innovation programs across large, globally disbursed organizations
    In the short term, provide a pool of employees that can be directed towards existing innovation activities, in order to spur interest and positive results
    In the longer term, this pool of employees can be directed to achieving specific innovation tasks, such as the generating and executing new ideas, in order to enhance ROI across the innovation program
    In the even longer term, provide a broad base of employees that can be used to help enhance and shape the culture of the organization
    For some organizations, often when they are process oriented, identify and nurture employees who may not fit within the standard success model, but are capable of generating value for the organization