NeuroPower Consulting

Posted on by Brandon Klein

NeuroPower is a behavioral strategy consultancy with a difference.

What motivates us is applying the latest insights from neuroscience to help develop high performance teams and create cultural transformation, leading to sustainable organizational development.
How We Do This:

    Consultation and training in leadership development, accelerated team development and cultural transformation.
    We integrate the latest insights from neuroscience with philosophy, psychology, sociology and best practice management theory.
    This provides a sophisticated approach to driving behavioral change and improving personal, team and organizational performance.

The NeuroPower Approach:

Our team is driven to provide leaders with the latest tools and insights to support their personal, professional and economic growth.
Our approach to consultancy is underpinned by some clear guiding principles:

    ‘Work’ and ‘Life’ do not need to be separate – indeed it is this separation that often leads to a lack of meaning for individuals and a lack of productivity for organizations in modern society.
    Individuals can gain enormous satisfaction and fulfillment from their work – and organizations benefit from significant uplifts in performance and results.
    More is known about human behavior than ever before because of the findings of neuroscience.
    Organizations are transformed when they apply these findings through the up-to-date, relevant and highly applicable frameworks and insights we provide.