My Tips - on screen tutorials for websites / apps

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Customer activation
has never been easier

Guide new customers through your site with step-by-step tutorials and help them discover the true value of your product.
customer onboarding
Start a free trial or watch video
Create tutorials
Create interactive on-screen tutorials with a few clicks

Our easy to use tutorial builder lets you create interactive tutorials for your customers without coding.
Decrease cost of support
Improve customer onboarding and support experience

Guide customers through your app and let your site give answers to most questions with on-screen tips.
Increase conversions
Boost conversions, engagment and customer activation

Increase customer satisfaction and convert more free trial users into paying customers.
Easy to Use Tutorial Builder
We are serious about simplicity

MyTips has been developed to be the simplest and easiest way to create and deploy interactive on-screen tutorials for your service. Start building your tutorial in seconds and display it a moment later. No coding required.
How it works?

    Just paste a line of code in your website
    Launch tutorial builder over your site
    Create a step-by-step tutorial with just a few clicks,
    simply selecting elements on screen
    Define tutorial settings and publish in a single click
    Onboard your customers like a Pro with help of
    interactive on-screen tutorials

Interactive On-Screen Tutorials
Onboarding tutorials

Guide first time visitors with automatically launched tutorials. On-board with ease and introduce users to your product features to decrease learning curve.
F.A.Q. tutorials

Answer most frequently asked questions as soon as they come up, right on the spot. Your tutorials will always be close by and shown on the screen.
Fully customizable

Align the look of walk-through tips with your company’s branding - you can customize them to look and feel exactly the way you want.
Behavioral Analytics and Insights

myTips helps you understand your customers and gives you valuable information you can act on.

Your tutorials define steps in user flows which are important for your customer success and your business. We track users behavior patterns to let you know if they understand your interface and do they actually act as you planned.
Tutorial usage statistics

You have your website statistics, and tutorial analytics at your fingertips all the time. You will always know exactly how many tutorials were launched, completed, abandoned and more...
Drop-off points

Tutorial puts customer behavior into a step-by-step timeline so you can follow along as people experience your product, seeing where they get stuck or drop-off along the way.
Behavior tracking

Understand how visitors are moving around your site. Increase conversions by identifying where you lose customers in defined user flows, and run experiments to fix issues that you discover.