John Maeda Quotes by Nilofer Merchant

Posted on by Brandon Klein

On signing people up:

    I’ve learned that the first step in forming any team is to resolve the most basic challenge: getting folks to take the big step away from just being themselves (the thing we all know best) and joining something larger (the thing we fear may let us down).

On the need to involve others in decisions

    We love to be there at the moment of conception of an idea and when we’re not, we’re less likely to be excited by the idea (because it doesn’t feel like our own).


    Being heard lessens being hurt.

On meetings:

    In the best meetings, there are usually more wannacomes than havetacomes.

On setting direction:

    Slides and documents aren’t the point; discussion and decisions are.

On diversity:

    Difference drives deliciousness.

On decision-making:

    It’s not about top-down or bottom-up – it’s about working together.


    Community and communication are advanced by simply recognizing what lies in common (c, o, mm, n)

On conflict:

    Constructive conflict is about building something, whether it is hatching a new idea through debate or reaching a new goal through healthy competition between teams.


    …Create a type of organization that is capable of continuously dissolving conflict while increasing choice…