Journey Builder - 1:1 marketing relationships

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Journey Builder empowers you to guide your customers on 1:1 journeys across channels and devices—and deliver premium experiences throughout every phase of the marketing lifecycle. Leverage a true, 360-degree view of your customer to convey the right message, at the right time, via the right channel.

Journey Builder is always on—and always interacting—because when it comes to your customers, every moment matters.

Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (try saying that three times fast) has launched a new visual “Journey Builder” that promises to enable marketers to understand, define, and create coherent, unified customer experiences across Web, social, email, apps, advertising, sales, and service.

That’s a big promise.

The new software simplifies your view of how people interact with your brand, according to CEO Scott McCorkle.

“The future of marketing is the ‘customer journey,'” McCorkle, who leads the ExactTarget component of Salesforce, said in a statement. “Marketers need to understand the complete journey people have with their brand and how to measure and optimize its impact on their business.”

In addition, Salesforce says that the new software will enable companies to optimize “every point of interaction” on that journey while also measuring the impact of “all customer communications.”