CrowdMed - crowdsourcing medical solutions

Posted on by Brandon Klein

We've helped solve over 200 of the world's most difficult medical cases


CrowdMed harnesses the wisdom of crowds to collaboratively solve even the world’s most difficult medical cases quickly and accurately online.
CrowdMed leverages crowdsourced medical experts and patented technology to produce diagnostic suggestions patients may use to finally get an answer to their most important question: "What is wrong with me?"
Today, anyone can access an interconnected world of hundreds or thousands of experts to solve even the most complex problems - including medical issues - in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional processes.
Millions of people suffer from rare or complex medical conditions which normally might take several months or years to diagnose. If you're reading this, you're probably already frustrated and anxious. CrowdMed can help connect your case with a world of medical detectives right now.
By sharing your case with more people, the more you increase your odds of finding at least one who knows the answer.