A Shift Paper for the Creative Economy

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Fading paradigm
(shift from)

Emerging paradigm
(shift to)

Standards, rules and regulations are imposed
at the start of a process, often becoming static.

Patterns, principles, and relationships create standards that evolve and shift with new context.

Top down; decisions made in exclusivity and
chosen from within a few possibilities.

Ideas grow from bottom up and are designed with inclusivity of all involved in their development and use.

Conforming; drive to get everyone on the same page.

Disruptive; value derived from the differences of perspective, experience, intelligence.

Design by experts.

Experts in collaboration with others from many vantage points.

Repeatable, mechanistic processes.

Parts recombined and reassembled to create entirely new and novel processes.

Design and decision making isolated by function.

Answers emerge from within shared context and collaborative engagement.

Tightly controlled networks and supply chains.

Creating and growing communities and webs of relationships.

Closed systems.

Open systems.