Tree Lights

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Playback sound close to nature

KAMOME using a method that is close to nature to create sound which operated by micro vibrations between light papers . The output of the sound doesn't feel too loud even the settle point is close, and enable to distinguish the sound from far away.

A simple structure enable for many applications

The speaker unit part is able to transform (The shapes of paper and the materials for the stick) Due to this structure, not only as a interior but also many applications.

  • color print to the feather part and display it as a decoration of the room.
  • able to process into users' favorite shapes
  • As advertisement for events and shops
  • put in lightnings as furniture

Other than that, it used as underwater speakers. At the experience of conversations to dolphins at Tokyo University of Marine Science And Technology, KAMOME is approved as having better quality than conventional speakers.


PHONON was born on the mission to "tell people accurate information about imagination of music". Using unique ideas and skills , distinguish products that don't even have category. This is not the improvement from old systems, it is a resolution from the baseline.

Musicians don't normally get to listen to the sound they really wanted to play. The sound at live and CDs, those sounds are degraded in the process of recording.

PHONON's starting point comes from trying find the way musicians to hear their true sound.