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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Cool. Will pass him along and recommend talking asap: Drew Krejci - real nice guy, but lives in a tough political climate here

The way I have set the stage for you and the results we produced:
- you are writing an article for hbr

- we are NOT the focus of the article, and several other companies are part of it - including the 2 you mentioned for delaying the deadline until this friday

- focus is on productivity and if we can tie our new work (People Science) back to actual productivity, kpi, etc.

- new ways of collaborating... using collaboration patterns, network data to directly improve performance

- new business models and application... by using PS with project teams and focusing on collaboration and relationships, we actually turn around individuals and team performance

- shared office/project work space... most of the data/PS tests were done in the innovative shared space
Because of the internal climate here, having the deadline be this friday is important - otherwise leaders would drag their feet on this forever. So when you talk to him - keep up the pressure that you need this soon, real soon! I.e. if not tomorrow, monday or tuesday
Make sense? (I am sure you have been through this many times before - clearly i haven't here! - but I guess the 'sniff test' phone call as they call it has them cancel most press mentions for the company)