Is the Internet of Things strategic to the enterprise?

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Where IoT will impact the enterprise

So, though the techniques for how to best exploit the IoT to create business value is still very much emerging it's clear that they will generally fall into these buckets:

  • Smart, connected workplace. These are data and control technologies for the workplace that are often wearable (my favorite example is the Hitachi Business Microscope), but can include just about anything that includes sensors or controllers, and is connected.
  • Business process monitoring, control, & optimization. Business activities in the office and in the field will be deeply instrumented, measured, and once they are quantifable, they can more systematically improved. Solutions from wearable devices to smartdust will be instrumental in capturing this data. The technologies refined for big data will be applied to manage, orchestrate, and extract meaning from the vast streams of digital knowledge this will continuously throw off.
  • Enhance and extend IT. IoT will project the IT presence of the organization to all corners ofthe world and create the extended enterprise in the deeply transformed digital enterprise.
  • Automation of products and services. Companies will first IoT enable their products and services, but then soon design them for and around IoT.
  • Business intelligence. Just like big data did for social media, we'll have profound new levels of insight into the real world and how it actually works, and adapt our business to our better attuned understanding of reality.
  • Staying engaged and connected with customers & the marketplace. In short, this is the zero-sum presence in our customer's lives as well as the data that draws in the marketplace. By literally being connected in a meaningful way 24/7 with millions of our customers through IoT-enabed systems of engagement, however, is how we can ensure our organizations stay relevant, and keep the competition from doing so.