The Profit-Driven Marketer: Setting a New Standard for Performance

Posted on by Brandon Klein

 There’s a new trend driving successful digital advertising campaigns: profit-driven marketing. It flips digital tradition on its head by approaching marketing as a profit center instead of as a cost center. A profit-driven approach means spinning familiar problems in new ways. In this article, we identify the main pillars of profit-driven marketing—recognizing value, targeting outcomes and capturing demand—to help you achieve a better bottom line.

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Right now, digital marketers are standing at the crossroads between opportunity and challenge. The C-suite wants more accountability for the marketing spend, but at the same time, the multi-channel purchase path is becoming increasingly complicated. A growing cadre of search marketers is responding to this tension by rethinking digital advertising basics such as KPIs, budgets and customer journeys. These search marketers are part of a trend toward what we call “profit-driven marketing.”

We’ve been watching this movement from the front row as it’s developed and delivered big strategic advantages. You might not have noticed this new movement, but your search team or vendor probably has. And if you’re willing to empower them to pursue profit-driven marketing tactics, you could see big returns that you probably didn’t even know you were missing, as well as additional customers.

Best practices and patterns are emerging from this forward-thinking group of profit-driven marketers, and they’re worth sharing.

A shift in mind-set