Bring Your Lectures into the 21st Century

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Create an active and engaging lecture experience

Transform your students' mobile devices into powerful learning tools. Make every lecture count. Get Your Top Hat Demo

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Simple and Seamless

Ask a question, launch a quiz, or start a discussion without ever leaving your slides. Top Hat merges your presentation and assessments into one experience so that the flow of your lecture is preserved and students stay more engaged.

Bring Your Own Device

All of Top Hat's feature-rich engagement platform is at your fingertips (literally). Use your mobile device to flip through slides, make annotations, and get feedback. Students can participate using any of their personal devices. thumbnail thumbnail (2)

Realtime Reporting and Grades

All student activity and attendance are automatically captured in a powerful and intuitive gradebook. Show real-time reports during your lecture or view individual student marks after class. Students have access to their personal gradebook, too. Poll your entire student body

Top Hat's innovative sentiment polling technology empowers administrators to launch a poll and collect feedback from the entire student body.

Get students' feelings on campus culture, academics, athletics, parking... anything you want.

Combine sentiment polling with Top Hat's engagement platform to help identify at-risk students by with low sentiments, grades or attendance numbers.