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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Quantified enterprise

In the same way we are using pedometers, Fitbits, Fuelbands, Withings scales, and other devices today to capture data that we are fascinated by in our personal lives, the same has long been taking place in the enterprise. Albeit it has been with fairly high value and significant assets until now, such as inventory control systems and RFID. Instead, the quanitified enterprise describes a mindset where readily available tools exist that enable analytics and business intelligence around the enterprise Interenet of Things at a much more fine-grained and high-scale manner.

The insight here is that the reality of business has long been that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. So much of what actually takes place in the enterprise is submerged or "dark," from enterprise data to ground truth on the physical state of the business. The quanitified enterprise is made up of applications and instrumentation that allows workers to literally take the full measure of what's taking place now and use it to manage, control, and optimize the business.

Finally, as Theo Priestley noted last year in Wired, even employees will be an integral component of this new workplace, as we realize that "an organization is only as good as the sum of its collective employee [data, such as digital] reputation."

Expect a new generation of (largely mobile) analytics tools and business intelligence services that allows workers to tap into, measure, analyze, and better make use of the fully instrumented organization.