Cognitive Authority & Influence

Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Intelligence versus Reputation

Identities are easily constructed and manipulated per superficial attributes (career, title, early adoption, etc.) when in actuality they should be more about what one does with or within a domain, across domains and the kinds of experimental learning someone is capable of.

* Quality of Information Flow

Opinions are abundant, as we know. How opinions relate to experience and ongoing conversations, as well as a 'factual' basis for understanding information is a whole other matter. We have a lot of work to do in this regard.  Much of it has to do with ingrained behaviors with respect to media consumption and what we can do to 'unlearn' them.

* Concentration of Information Scrutiny & Serendipity

'Facts', historical accounts and empirical evidence (scientific or 'other') are also under constant revision, to which contextual foundation and consensus are consistently challenged. If knowledge can be networked, then we have a responsibility to (re)distribute or federate that knowledge as openly as we can, such that we can question more and discover more of the 'unknown unknowns'.

* The Nature of Intentionality

Our intentions -- what amount to a defined sense of social responsibility -- are another major factor in all of this; our contributions to society and the (co)creation of value and value alignment are critical in determining the kind of influences and impacts we want to have in world that often times feels completely amoral, unethical and operationally rudderless.

* Scale at the Speed of Thoughtful Interaction

If the central challenge is to make information 'easier and more digestible' then we must consider the costs in making/taking shortcuts. We cannot sacrifice critical thought for brevity. We cannot supersede personal and collective growth for the pursuit of transaction. We cannot assume that information -- like human and natural resources -- is in endless supply, when economic scarcity regulates these same systems. Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, we need to be equally smart about who we are and what we want, and act accordingly.