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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Clinical-grade genomics.
Built for developers.

Power your genomics applications with instant programmatic access to critical data.

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Welcome to SolveBio!

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Genomics is transforming medicine and this is how SolveBio is helping...
Curated data library

Instantly access hundreds of datasets for genomics, proteomics, literature annotation, variant-disease relationships, and more. Datasets in our library are well-organized, versioned, and always up-to-date, so you can focus on building applications.
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Built for developers

Easy-to-use APIs with bindings for Python and JavaScript (Ruby and R coming soon!) make it simple to integrate data into any application or workflow. SolveBio documentation covers everything from API calls to field facets, and the web-based Query Builder makes prototyping quick.
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Clinical-grade security

Clinical-grade means precise access controls, full audit trails, and HTTPS-only APIs. SolveBio uses the latest 256-bit encryption technology and industry best practices for secure transport and storage of datasets and query logs. Our safeguards ensure your queries remain private to you and your team.
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Become a data partner

We partner with leading hospitals and developers to deliver the crucial data needed to make molecular diagnostics possible. Partner with us to efficiently and securely monetize your valuable data through our network. Monitor and control access with our powerful analytics and license management solutions.