6 Health Apps Harness the Power of Watson

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Biovideo: An app for new or expectant mothers, Biovideo is a searchable database that uses Watson technology to pull the most relevant, trusted information from the Internet or scientific journals in response to entered questions.

GenieMD: A consumer-facing wellness app that integrates all of a patient's medical information in one place and makes that information sharable with caregivers or medical professionals. The app also provides personalized, data-based health recommendations.

GoGoHealth: A consumer-facing app that combines patient-generated data about current systems with information from the patient's electronic medical record. The app then asks patients follow-up questions to develop a diagnosis and sends that information to the medical record, where a physician can review it and advise the patient remotely on next steps.

Ringful Health: This app is designed to help patients have more informed conversations with their physician about which screening tests are most appropriate for them and when they should be administered. The app uses Watson to aggregate current medical literature and compare screening test recommendations against a patient's family or medical history. MyIdealDoctor: Users of this app enter a patient's symptoms, prescriptions and medical history either verbally or manually, and Watson finds the probable diagnosis and connects the user with a telemedicine physician who can confirm diagnosis and treat the patient. The app can also find an in-person provider or facility based on the user's need and insurance information.

Ultramatics: Designed to help consumers pick the best health insurance plan for their needs, the Health Plan Advisor app uses entered information to find plans across private and public marketplaces. The app also has use for insurance agents and customer service representatives in helping clients find the right plan.