Workstation Popcorn: How To Become Uber Productive While Working For Yourself / IMPOSSIBLE

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Uber Productivity – How To Knock Out More Work Than Ever

There’s no end of productivity hacks out there. I’ve will be covering some of the really important concepts:

Pareto’s Principle, aka the 80/20 principle Parkinson’s Law The Pomodoro technique (coming soon)

Now, these “laws” and strategies are all great on a macro scale, but today I want to share a productivity technique that I’ve been using which you can implement tomorrow.

It’s increased my weekly writing output 3x, and has helped me get way more done than normal in just a few short weeks. I’m tentatively calling it “workstation popcorn”. The Big Problem

If you work for yourself or from home, you’re probably familiar with “fake work” - work where you’re not really doing anything. If you have a day job, a lot of the crap that your boss sends your way may feel like this too – work for work’s sake.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur, it can be even worse.

You find yourself spending hours at your computer, dutifully “working” but getting very little done. You finish each day with the dreaded feeling that you’re behind, and that you’re only falling farther and farther behind. You’re buried below an ever-growing to-do list. There’s a feeling of dread that tomorrow is coming, and that it’s bringing with it even more work that you probably won’t be able to get ahead on.

Meanwhile, deep down, you know you’re not being effective 100% of the time. You know you’re secretly wasting time browsing Facebook and Reddit, answering email, and doing stuff that simply doesn’t move the needle in your business. You spend hours at your computer, making almost no progress on the stuff that needs to get done, yet feeling like you’re working longer hours than ever.

How do you fix that? How do you become more productive, focus more, and get more stuff done in less time?

The answer: workplace popcorn.

Here’s how it works: