Tools – Development Impact and You

Posted on by Brandon Klein

look ahead

to understand what I need to do to bring my idea to life. Innovation Flowchart by defining the outcomes from my work. Evidence Planning

develop a clear plan

by evaluating how I am doing and what my options are. SWOT Analysis on how to grow my idea into something bigger. Business Model Canvas for working with other groups that have the same vision as me. Building Partnerships Map by improving upon what I’ve done before. Learning Loop

clarify my priorities

by learning from first hand experiences. Experience Tour by focusing on key critical issues. Problem Definition by breaking down a complex issue. Causes Diagram by defining my goals and the path to reach them. Theory of Change

collect inputs from others

by observing and learning from everyday life. People Shadowing in a conversation that uncovers their perspective. Interview Guide by getting to the heart of what motivates people. Question Ladder to ensure my work is relevant to the people I’m working for. Storyworld

know the people I'm working with

by clarifying relationships between stakeholders. People & Connections Map by better defining who I am trying to reach. Target Group by visualising their key characteristics. Personas by defining how my offering is new to them. Promises & Potential Map

generate new ideas

by working together with people who experience and solve problems. Creative Workshop by thinking differently. Fast Idea Generator by framing a constructive discussion with my team. Thinking Hats by aligning our work based on shared values. Value Mapping

test and improve

by understanding what is most effective in my work. Improvement Triggers by collecting useful feedback on my work at different phases. Prototype Testing Plan by creating an overview of how I engage with my stakeholders. Experience Map by crafting a detailed overview of our operations and resources. Blueprint

sustain and implement

by better engaging people that can benefit from my work. Marketing Mix by executing my plan without being overwhelmed. Critical Tasks List by launching or growing what I do. Business Plan while exploring different ways of increasing the scale of my work. Scaling Plan