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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Cognitive Graph Database Structure Draft Proposal

Outlining the graph data model, based on the Cognitive Network Protocol.

The core of this model are the notions of Concept, Statement, Context, User and Narrative, which are employed to provide a robust way of connecting disjointed pieces of data and knowledge. 1. Objective

Describe a general framework that could be used to abstract cognitive processes into a network-graph model. Based on this framework, design a scalable data model that could be used to store, retrieve, and discover new knowledge: in short, which could emulate all the facets of thinking process. 2. Framework and Conceptual Model

Tha basic building block of the model is a concept The concepts appear within statements The statements appear within contexts The concepts, the statements, and the contexts are all made by users The narrative provides a way of representing the statements and concepts in a sequential order The user is either the one who makes the statements or the one who receives them.