Crowd Mics - Smartphones are wireless microphones

Posted on by Brandon Klein

This is a wireless microphone!

Crowd Mics turns iOS and Android devices into wireless microphones. Finally, the crowd can be heard! 5327107539e34bf60e000c99_google%20play%20button.png53270e816c12d3ab29000bed_apple%20button%20grey.png Connect with your crowd

Crowd Mics turns the audiences iOS and Android devices into wireless microphones. Your audience can talk into their smartphones and tablets and be heard over the room's sound system. Now your crowd can be heard clearly by everyone in the room, in real-time. Plus Crowd Mics includes a text comment feature and dead simple polling. Watch the demo video to see it in action. And to demo it youself, just download the free app, get some friends to do the same, connect to the same wifi and go for it. You can try it for free.