Empowered People and Resilient Brands

Posted on by Brandon Klein

WELCOME TO CROWD COMPANIES™ EMPOWERED PEOPLE & RESILIENT BRANDS FOR SHARED VALUE Request an Invite For Your Company Our world is changing. People are empowered.

The Collaborative Economy is a powerful movement. The people formerly called consumers are now getting what they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions. Instead of buying new things, people are sharing products with each other in an emerging societal shift called the Sharing Economy. Meanwhile, the Maker Movement is empowering communities to build their own products, displacing the traditional role of manufacturers.

These Empowered Individuals are beginning to function like hotels, taxis, farms, restaurants, manufacturers and other traditional business models. The crowd is becoming a company unto itself - it’s backed by powerful technologies, like social networks and mobile devices, and it is self-organizing. The bold question this council will ask and answer is:

“What role do companies play, if people get what they need from each other?”

Crowd Companies™ exists to be a catalyst for change at large companies. We invite senior executives, innovators, product managers, marketers, operations leaders, sustainability leaders, social business strategists and others to apply.