Qstream: Mobile Sales Enablement & Analytics

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Reporting & Analytics

Qstream keeps a pulse on your sales organization, capturing dynamic data on the capabilities of every rep, every day. We do this by engaging users in fun, scenario-based challenges delivered to their mobile device. A sophisticated analytics engine takes it from there, providing insights that ensure your sales team is fully aligned and ready to win.

Powerful Data Collection Engine
Qstream’s data collection engine captures dozens of critical data points on a daily basis and instantly transforms them into actionable insights that can be combined with sales performance metrics and other data for a complete picture of field force capabilities.

Real-time Dashboards
A management dashboard puts real-time data at your fingertips. Comparing results over time and across groups lets managers continuously monitor sales force strengths and proactively respond to issues before they can impact revenue.

Detailed Management Reports
A range of summary and detailed reports highlight activity levels and opportunities for tailored sales coaching. Report access can be configured to allow sales executives at all levels of the organization to access information about their teams.

Multi-Dimensional Insights
A flexible tagging system can be used to analyze sales force capabilities in unlimited ways. Tag users by locations, business unit, job title, expertise, tenure and more. Reports can be easily sorted on multiple dimensions by adding or updating tags at any time.

Qscore Performance Benchmark
Qscore is an onboard metric used to rate the capabilities of an individual sales rep or team by calculating engagement and performance scores into a single number. Managers can use Qscore to observe relative changes in performance.