The State of Workplace Productivity Report

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Today’s workers are more connected than ever—using multiple devices and applications to access and manage the constant stream of information that comes from living in an always-on world. But is hyper-connectedness helping employees be more productive or simply leaving them overwhelmed?


Research from Cornerstone OnDemand, conducted in collaboration with leading global insights firm Kelton, breaks down employees’ attitudes regarding technology in the workplace and their perspectives on whether company-provided applications are supporting how employees want to get their jobs done. The survey captures generation and industry-specific expectations across the board, with added insights on employees’ thoughts regarding collaboration and their willingness to use wearable technology in the workplace.

The survey reveals that the always-moving, always-on workplace is overwhelming employees — especially Millennials, the youngest of our workforce. Today’s workers are desperate to simplify the chaos, and employers can use these insights to facilitate the new world of work and close the gap between the types of technology organizations provide and what employees truly want in order to stay productive and perform at their very best.