Revolutionizing Multi-screen Advertising -

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Multi-screen audience identification

Creates a single customer profile by modelling billions of rich desktop, mobile and tablet data sets. Data Activation

Activate and enrich your data. Build custom audience segments with Adbrain’s data segmentation and analysis tools. Cross-device targeting

Leverage rich multi-screen audience data to deliver only the most targeted, contextually relevant and impactful ads to your multi-screen consumers at scale. Real-time bidding

Adbrain is connected to the world’s leading mobile and desktop ad exchanges ensuring access transparent, brand safe global inventory. Private marketplaces

Access premium publishers’ inventory in a private marketplace and benefit from exclusive first-party data insights. Conversion attribution

Deep cross-device conversion attribution offering unparalleled insight into post-view and post-click conversions. Predictive optimization

Mobile and cross-device optimization algorithms built on trillions of rich data sets, offering cutting edge, ever evolving artificial intelligence to deliver superior results. Advanced reporting

Intuitive reporting tools for advanced data modelling and intelligent data analysis. Customization

Open API driven infrastructure allows you to build unique and differentiated trading capabilities.