ClearSlide - Sell Smarter and Close More Deals

Posted on by Brandon Klein


Gain visibility into how clients and prospects engage with your sales materials. Understand who's involved, what they're looking at, and when they're interacting with materials to deliver tailored follow-up at the right time.
Live Pitch

Allows you to instantly connect with your prospects over the phone or in-person with no downloads - 100% web-based. Simply have your prospect join your custom URL and start pitching your collateral. Seamlessly jump between scripted slides, interactive web pages, and screen sharing.
Live Demo

Share your desktop and walk your prospect through live documents, web pages, and more. Drawing tools are available to highlight key points and areas of the screen.

Customer needs to show you something? Pass control to your client and they can show you exactly what they need help with.

Give your sales team access to the most up-to-date collateral and easily re-mix into custom presentations. Upload a variety of file types including Microsoft Office, PDF, OpenOffice, Keynote, video, audio, and Flash files.
Email Pitch

The easiest way to follow up with prospects with no file size constraints. Send your collateral and know the exact moment when they opened it. Also, gain insight into what they looked at in your presentation and how much time they spent on each piece of content.
Mobile Apps

ClearSlide's mobile apps bring the power of the perfect pitch to your sales reps. Present to prospects from the airplane, the golf course, or even the hotel lobby with access to all of the company's sales and marketing content at their fingertips.

Gain key insight into how your proposals are consumed through detailed reporting by sales rep, sales group, or company. View dynamic trends and graphs for your team's performance and integrate with your CRM for further reporting.